SSTCN volunteers making a sand turtle on the beach – Showing solidarity with 180 other countries to contain CO2 emissions at 350 ppm

Turtle Walks
At our pre-walk discussion with the public, where we talk about turtle and environmental issues
Turtle tracks on the sand indicate a nest

A beautiful nesting turtle
We keep a respectful distance as the turtle patiently lays her eggs
After nesting, she throws sand around to camouflage her nest
Taking measurements of the nesting turtle

A volunteer uses a probe to find the exact location of the nest
divya and abhi
Volunteers carefully removing the eggs from the nest
Eggs from the nest

 Searching for turtle hatchlings from a wild nest amongst the ipomea
One of the hatchlings we found and released into the sea
Our hatchery, located about half a kilometre from Besant Nagar beach