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 (Check questions 18 to 21 for Hatchling Release)

1. Where does the turtle walk start  and end?

The walk starts in Neelankarai beach. To reach here you need to come down the East Coast Road and turn left just after Shanthi hospital and Vasan Eye Care. There is an arch over the road which says Kapaleeshwar Nagar. This turning is about 5 km from the Thiruvanmiyur Marundeeswarar temple.

Walks for the public are from mid-January to end-March only.

It is not possible to park vehicles at the Neelankarai beach. Vehicles (if any) must be parked in Besant Nagar.

NEELANGARAI LOCATION: https://www.google.com/maps/place/SSTCN+public+walk/@12.949354,80.2613986,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x1f8549b554540220!8m2!3d12.9493958!4d80.2613986

The walk ends at Besant Nagar (Elliot’s) beach, approximately 7 kilometers away.
2. How can we get to Neelankarai?

The turtle walk starts and ends in different places. And when the walk ends it is early in the morning. So we can have our vehicles parked close to the exit point which is Besant Nagar.

We can bring our bikes or cars and park them near Besant Nagar beach (maybe on 5th Avenue that leads to the beach). From Besant Avenue (near Besant Nagar ganesha temple and opposite Fruit Shop), 6 D bus will take you to Thiruvanmiyur and from there Share auto will take you to Neelangarai. (Or else you can get Share autos from Adyar). Regular autos from Besant Nagar tend to overcharge and autos might not be available that late.

3. When should we assemble in Neelankarai?

We have to be at Kapaleeswar Nagar beach in Neelankarai by 11.45 pm (or latest by midnight). Please ensure you are there on time. (If you think you may be delayed, please inform us earlier and register again to join us on another walk).  

4. What do we do when we meet?

We first have a question-answer session which may go on for an hour or so and the public are encouraged to raise questions on issues related to turtles, conservation, the state of the environment and any other pertinent topic. We often have lively discussions on these issues before the walk starts. . The walk starts after the talk.

5. Do we walk every night?

SSTCN volunteers walk every night of the week, but walks are open to the public only on Friday and Saturday nights.

6. How long does the walk take?

The duration of the walk depends on what we see on the walk. We usually also take a break at the mid point – Valmiki Nagar beach – and leave from there only after 3 am. We are likely to reach Besant Nagar beach by around 4 to 5 AM. If we do see or find nests, the walk can go on for much longer, even stretching till 6 or 7 am sometimes.

7. Can we bring something to eat?

Preferably not, but if you do bring, please do not use disposable bottles or containers.

8. Does SSTCN arrange transport?

No, SSTCN does not arrange transport. 

9. How long is the turtle nesting season?

The turtle nesting season starts in January and continues till March. Our volunteers will walk into April because on the beaches we sometimes find hatchlings which have emerged from wild nests. We need to safely release them into the sea.

10. What are the chances of seeing a nesting turtle or finding a nest?

There is no guarantee of seeing a nesting turtle or finding a nest during a walk. There are days when we do not find any nest at all and there are days we may find 5-6 nests on a single walk.  The peak nesting season is from the end of January up to the second week of March. 

11. What do we have to do to join the walks?

To join us on the turtle walks, you must send an email to sstcnchennai@gmail.com and register. Please do not call the coordinators or volunteers.

12. Do we have to make a payment to participate in the walk?

No, you don’t have to make any payment to participate in the walk. SSTCN is a non profit organization run entirely by volunteers.

13. Is there any age restriction for the walk?

The walk spans 7 kilometers of beach so we need to be sufficiently fit. For young children and for the elderly, who aren’t up to staying awake and walking through the night, we suggest that they visit the hatchery in March and April and witness hatchlings being released.

14. Is the walk only for students or can adults come too?

This year the walk is open to all. The only criteria we look for are an interest in the environment and some basic levels of fitness. 

15. Where on the beach do we walk?

We generally walk near the shoreline.

16. Is there a dress code?

We can dress in comfortable clothes and sandals but preferably not shoes which can get uncomfortable when wet. In January and February it can be quite cold in the nights and it is better to wear something extra to keep warm. Shorts/ three quarters and tee shirt are preferable in March as it gets warmer.

17. Do we have rules that we have to follow?

We are particular about walkers not smoking or consuming alcohol on the walks or coming drunk [even slightly so].

18. Is there a way we can visit the hatchery to release hatchlings?

Hatching normally starts around early March and goes on till end April. Anyone who is interested in watching hatchling release in the hatchery can check the homepage of the website for our daily update or text message us and check if there are likely to be hatchlings on that day. Hatchling release normally happens in the evenings after 5.30 pm at the Besant Nagar hatchery, which is located on the Theosophical Society beach (next to the Adyar estuary). 

19. How do we reach the Besant Nagar hatchery?

To approach the hatchery, please enter the Besant Nagar beach near the Thalappakatti restaurant. There is a narrow road that goes Northward through the Urur Kuppam fishing village and towards the Broken Bridge. Before reaching the broken bridge you will see a green colour fence on the beach – this is the hatchery. 

Hatchery Location: https://maps.google.com/?q=13.008355,80.274940

20. How long will the hatchling release take?

There will be a brief Q and A session before the hatchling release. The release will be over by 7pm.

21. What is the role of visitors to the hatchery?

Visitors should not touch or handle hatchlings and should keep a safe distance away from the water so as not to step on hatchlings that often get pushed back by waves.

Try to come on a weekday as weekends and holidays are usually very crowded and it becomes difficult to see the hatchlings


The hatchlings which hatch will be immediately released into the sea, so please note that we DO NOT retain hatchlings under any circumstance.  Please ensure you reach latest by 5.45 pm.

To check if there are hatchlings any day you want to visit the hatchery, please send a text message (not WhatsApp) to one of the following people

(1) Arun – 9789864166 (2) Akila – 9940300200 (3) Raghu – 9943887675 (4) Shravan – 9884461090