1)… Saturday’s turtle walk was just one of many this season. This programme has been an annual affair for the last couple of decades and is a perfect opportunity for all the adventure-lovers out there. Not only do you get to see the beach like you would never have seen before (no noise, no people, only silence, sand and waves) but this is also the perfect opportunity to do your bit for the environment….A walk to remember…// YASHASVINI RAJESWAR

2) Over the years, both people and the media have taken a keen interest in SSTCN’s activities. It is the media’s active role that has served as an impetus thereby bringing the issue to the forefront. View some clippings to get a better perspective of the plight of the olive ridley and the sustained efforts by the Students’ Sea Turtle Conservation Network.
Riddle of the Ridley by Shekar Dattatri

3) A write up in Sanctuary Asia about SSTCN

4) Kachhapa Issue No. 8, March 2003

5) Adyar Times April-May, 2007

6) 1285 Turtle eggs relocated! 

7) Adyar Times February 2007

8) Adyar Times February 2007

9) Stalk the sea, save a turtle!

10)  Join weekend turtle walks

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