1. Where does the walk start and end?

The walk starts on Neelankarai beach. To reach here you need to come down the East Coast Road and turn left just after Shanthi hospital and Vasan Eye Care. There is an arch over the road which says Kapaleeshwar Nagar. This turning is about 5 km from the Thiruvanmiyur Marundeeswarar temple. It is not possible to park vehicles here. 

The walk ends at Besant Nagar (Elliot’s) beach, approximately 7 kilometers away.


2. How can we get to Neelankarai?


Unlike other walks this walk starts and ends in different places. And when the walk ends it is early in the morning when we are most tired. So we can have our vehicles parked close to the exit point. 

So we usually bring our bikes or cars and park them near Besant Nagar beach (maybe on 5th Avenue that leads to the beach). From Besant Avenue (opposite Fruit Shop), 6 D bus will take you to Thiruvanmiyur and from there Share autos to Neelangarai. Or else you can get Share autos from Adyar. You can take an auto right from where your vehicle is parked but they tend to overcharge as its late in the night. Be at the 6D bus stop by 10 pm.


3. When should we assemble in Neelankarai?

We have to be at Kapaleeswar Nagar arch beach in Neelankarai before 11.15pm.


4. What do we do when we meet?

We have a question-answer session where the public are encouraged to raise questions on issues related to turtles, conservation, the state of the environment and any other pertinent topic. We often have lively discussions on contemporary issues before the walk starts.


5. Do we walk every night?

SSTCN volunteers walk every night of the week, but walks are open to the public only on Friday and Saturday nights.


6. How long does the walk take?

The duration of the walk depends on what we see on the walk. We usually also take a break at the mid point – Valmiki Nagar beach – and leave from there only after 3 am. We are likely to reach Besant Nagar beach by around 5 AM. If we do see or find nests, the walk can go on for much longer, even stretching till 6 or 7 am sometimes.


7. Can we bring something to eat?

Preferably not, but if you do bring, please do not use disposable bottles or containers.


8. Does SSTCN arrange transport?

No, SSTCN does not arrange transport. But lone walkers (esp women) can join sstcn volunteers in 5th Avenue at 10 pm.


9. How long is the turtle nesting season?

The turtle nesting season starts in January and continues till March. Our walks are conducted sometimes into April because hatchlings from our nests keep emerging and on the beaches we sometimes find hatchlings which have emerged from wild nests. We need to safely release them into the sea.


10. Do we have to make a payment to participate in the walk?

No, you don’t have to make any payment to participate in the walk. SSTCN is a non profit organization run entirely by volunteers.


11. Is there any age restriction for the walk?

As such we have no age restrictions. However, the walk spans 7 kilometers of beach so we need to be sufficiently fit. For very young children and for the elderly, who aren’t up to staying awake and walking through the night, we suggest that they visit the hatchery in March and April and witness hatchlings being released.


12. Is the walk only for students or can adults come too?

The walk is open to everyone. Several schools and colleges organize for their students to join us. As mentioned earlier, we have no age restrictions. The only criteria we look for in our participants are an interest in the environment and some basic levels of fitness.


13. Where on the beach do we walk?

We generally walk near the shoreline.


14. Is there a dress code?

We can dress in comfortable clothes and sandals but preferably not shoes which can get uncomfortable when wet. From January to mid February it can be quite cold in the nights and it is better to wear something a little warm. Shorts/ three quarters and tee shirt are preferable after mid February as other clothes may get wet and it is quite warm anyway.


15. Do we have rules that we have to follow?

If not for other reasons we are often a mixed age group so we are particular about walkers not smoking or consuming alcohol on the walks or coming drunk [even slightly so].

Note: SSTCN is a serious conservation organisation. Turtle walks are conducted for people genuinely interested in conservation and wanting to learn about turtles and other conservation issues. Walks are not for entertainment purposes.


  1. Hi Dinesh,
    Please go through the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) in the website http://www.sstcn.org.
    Please email us and join our turtle walks sometime.

  2. Hi Akila…. I would like to volunteer myself for the turtle walk, please inform when it happens

    • Hi Kathyani, turtle walks will begin by end Jan. Please fix up and join. You can go through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the website.

  3. hey hi this is radha.. i am really interested in this turtle walk i am just waiting for jan to come….and i hope i would see a turtle there.. r we alllowed to touch them after they lay thier eggs???

    • Hi Radha,
      Turtle walks will start by end Jan. I don’t think the turtles appreciate being touched though :-)

  4. i would like 2 join i too from chennai so can u pls inform me too in ur team???
    S.Dilip babu

    • You can contact us in Jan and join the turtle walks

    • Hi Dilip, You can join us in Jan if you like. Please e mail sstcnchennai@gmail.com, or call us on 9789864166 or 9940300200.

  5. I am from Bangalore and I want to know if there are such walks in September. I would also like to volunteer for such programs…how can i register??

    • Hi Adrian, turtle walks start from the 3rd weekend of Jan. You can e mail or call us and join any weekend walk. Nesting will be over by March. You can visit the hatchery and watch hatchlings being released in March and April.

  6. surely i will join in turtle walk. but iam a 12th student

    • Hi Sriram, Finish your studies fast and join us! :-)

  7. Guys, why don’t you raise money for the conservation? Each participant contributes an amount which will go directly towards Olive Ridley preservation? I had participated in such events abroad, and they charge massive amount from tourists, here we can charge a minimal one…

    • Hi Aravind, we’re all volunteers and we try to operate with minimum costs. Except for the hatchery which we reuse for around 4 years and the salary to the 2 supervisors, we don’t spend unnecessarily. A few friends and well-wishers cover these costs :-)

  8. Is the walk restricted to only one time or we can have a couple of extra walks throughout the season?

    • Of course you can join the walks several times but you have to check beforehand if its possible for us to take on more walkers. :-)

  9. Hi. Is there any volunteering work I can contribute to between 6 am and 6 pm?

    • Hi Krithika, You can help supervise the hatchery during the day, but that will be in the months of March and April.

      • oh ok! thank you. will get in contact with you then! :)

  10. Can i & my son visit your hatchery, if yes plz tell us the route

    • Hi Mahalakshmi, You can visit the hatchery in March or April when hatchlings start emerging from their nests.
      Please read through the FAQs in the website for details.

    • Hatchlings are being released in the evenings in our hatchery the last few days. If you and your son want to visit, please call Shravan on 9176878969 and fix up.

  11. Hi Arun / Akila, Is the walk for public starting from this week end? Please let me know. thanks, – Mini

    • Hi Sowdhamini,

      Turtle walks for the public will start from today. Please let us know if you plan to join.


  12. Hi Jayesh,

    Turtle walks for the public are starting today.

    Please read the FAQs in the website for all details and let us know if you plan to join.


  13. Greetings! Would like to come in the evening time with my kids to show them the hatcheries as well as any hatchings happening. Regret cannot come for the midnight walk. Request your information and advice in this regards. Awaiting your response. Thank you.

    • Hi Geet, please call Shravan on 9176878969 any evening you’re free and check if there are hatchlings.

      • Thank u for your prompt response. Will definitely check with Shravan for tomorrow evening. The kids should be able to follow the baby turtles upto the sea shore, in case they are released in the evening? Will check with Shravan. Thank you once again.

        Warm regards

  14. HI Arun & Akila,
    Please let me know if Public walks are still on for this year .
    If yes, latest by when should i inform you to join the walk.


    • Hi Suresh, walks are still on but chances of finding nests are very low. We walk every weekend and will stop public walks by March end. If you want to join, email us on sstcnchennai@gmail.com.

  15. Can i know where your hatchery is?

    • Hatchery is off Elliot’s Beach, close to the Adyar Estuary. You have to walk along the shoreline from Elliot’s in the northern direction for 8 to 10 mins. Its a green colour fenced area on the beach.

  16. Thank u for your prompt response. Will definitely check with Shravan for tomorrow evening. The kids should be able to follow the baby turtles upto the sea shore, in case they are released in the evening? Will check with Shravan. Thank you once again.

    Warm regards

  17. Greetings again. Would like to personally thank Shravan and his partner for yesterday evening. The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly at the hatchery. The hatchlings were ready to enter the water. We were delayed to reach there, we regret that. But it was a great experience and we would do it again once the kids exams are over. Thanks a lot. it was a wonderful experience. Warm regards

  18. Hi the website is not providing any info on the turtle trail in the month of march 2012. Can you please update on which saturdays you have planned it


    • Turtle walks happen every weekend till end March. Pls read through the FAQs and send us an e mail to register. E mail id is sstcnchennai@gmail.com

  19. Hi guys i came to know about sstcn just now as i am very much interested to take part in the walk along with my sister so plz tell me how to be the part of the sstcn.

    • Hi Nikhileysh, You’re welcome to join our walks but contact us in Jan or Feb or early March next year.

  20. Hi, are the walks over for this season? Please let me know if there will be one this month. :)

    • Hi Preetha, Public walks are over by end March. You can contact us next Jan.

  21. Hey, please tell me when you will resume the turtle walks for this season. When I spoke to you, you told me that they were temporarily suspended due to high mortality of turtles.Thanks.

    • Hi Archit, Turtles still continue to die, as they drown in trawl nets and gill nets and we have taken the issue up with the Forest Dept, the Fisheries Dept and the CM’s special cell. We have also resumed turtle walks.

  22. HI, Do u guys hv turtle walk cuming sat, if so i wanna bring my son of 9 yrs too, kindly inform me

    • Hi Mahalakshmi,
      The walk may not be a good idea for a 9 year old as it goes on till morning. You can maybe bring him to the hatchery in March or April where we’ll be releasing hatchlings

      • ok, tq will bring in march, can i and my friend join for turtle walk

  23. hey!!
    are there any restrictions as to the number of ppl u take on walks??

    • hey!! Yes – we only take small groups

  24. Let me know when the next week-end walk is likely to be. Shall be glad to join with my family n friends. Just update.

    • Hi Srikanth,

      You must register before you join a walk. Please e mail us on sstcnchennai@gmail.com and let us know when and how many want to join.
      Please read the FAQs page in our website before mailing


  25. Hi, I wanna join in Turtle walk. Can you tell me when you are going to gather for walk again? Tonight or in any upcoming days?

    • Hi Pallavi, turtle walks will go on this month – every friday and saturday night – except the 8th. If you want to join, you must read through the FAQs page in our website and send an e mail to sstcnchennai@gnmail.com


  26. hi team,

    This is manimaran,i wish to join in turtle walk on this saturday ( 16th). please do let me know the procedure. i have already sent a mail to you email address.


  27. I from chennai. I’m a student. I don’t live in chennai though. Is there any other way that I could possibly help out? Something online, maybe?

    • Hi Aishwarya, It might be a good idea to join a turtle walk or visit the hatchery once and then decide how you’d like to participate.

  28. Hello it might’ve been too late to ask this but still, is their any voluntary help required if so I would be honoured to do it pls let me know if something turns up ?

    • Please e mail us in Jan if you want to volunteer

  29. will there be anything given to certify that i took part in the turtle walk

    • There are no certificates for joining turtle walks

  30. Hi… Im Lavannya.. I want 2 join as a sstcn volunteer.. Im a student n LIBA nd Im new to chennai.. How can i visit u..? Is dar any formalities 4r joining in SSTCN team ..?

    • Hi Lavannya, Anyone can be a volunteer with sstcn but the turtle season is only between Jan and April/May.

      Do contact us then

  31. Hi! I’m interested in this wonderful work you are doing and would like to join the turtle walk to hear more about it. When exactly they starts again? Is there anything going in the beginning of Jan?

    • Turtle walks will start maybe in the third or last weekend of Jan depending on when nesting starts.

      Please read through the FAQs in the website and mail or call us if you want to join.


  32. Novel idea. Great work :-)

    • Thanks. But it isn’t a novel idea, sea turtle conservation work is going on in many places in the world :-)

  33. I am Adithyan. I would like to know when the turle walk for this year begins.

    • Turtle walks are going on now. Read the FAQs page in the website for all details

  34. Hi I am Sneha…I would like to volunteer for the turtle walk….Can someone please let me know about the schedule…Please mail me on the email address shared…

    • Please read through the FAqs page in the website and email us to join a weekend walk.

  35. has turtle walk started? When is the right time for watching hatchlings release? Is there any specific address/location for seeing hatchlings release?

    • Hatchlings will emerge through March and April. The hatcheries are on the beach. You can email and check with us before coming to see hatchlings.

  36. Hi,
    I am from Bangalore and would like to join the
    Walk. Will we be able to get sighting of these turtled?

    • Seeing a nesting turtle is quite rare. If you still want to join a walk, please send an email to sstcnchennai@gmail.com.
      The FAQs page in the website will give you all details regarding the walk.

  37. Hi i am interested to participate in the turtle walks along with my friends

    • Please read through the Faq’s page in the website and send an e mail to sstcnchennai@gmail.com. You must tell us when you want to join and how many of you are interested in joining a walk.

  38. hai this is suji from tuticorin… guys u r doing this program only in chennai..but i like to do this in my district..is there any chance? and i like to be a volunteer..

    • Hi Sujitha, You can register and join one of our weekend walks. Turtle conservation work requires Forest Department permission as the sea turtle is listed under Schedule 1 of the Indian Wildlife (protection) Act.

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